If you have visited our shop and asked us about folding bicycle, most probably you would had heard of this Pegasus Base 7 Folding Bicycle. It has been the best selling Folding Bicycles for 6 consecutive months in our shop. Interested to know why? Hit the Read More button now!




Full Specification

Aluminium Alloy Body

Rear Derailleur : Shimano Tourney 7X

Shifter : Shimano Grip Shifter

Brake : V-Brake

Tyres : Kenda 20″ x 1.5″

Fully Loaded Weight : 12.60 KG


As simple as it’s specification list, the Pegasus Base 7 Folding Bicycle is as simple and easy to ride. The full aluminium body completed with all aluminium parts that contributed to it’s low weight. Some might argue that some other folding bicycles from other brands like XDS, Java and the like are even lighter. Yes you are right but this Pegasus Base 7 is priced at RM 799 only! For a quick comparison, the Java Pro 7 Speed is weighted at 12.00 KG and it’s priced at RM 1,199, still fancy a 600 grams weight savings for RM 400 extra?


Thanks to it’s low weight and use of smooth sealed bearings, the Pagasus Base 7 is smooth and easy to ride. The ride definitely feel better compared to similarly priced folding bicycles due to the use of good quality parts. Need more evidence of this? We sold more than 100 of this particular model during the last 8 months, and we only had 1 customer who came back for a loosen screw which was actually our fault. And for the rest, none even came back for a tire or tube change. That’s how good the quality of this Pegasus Base 7 is!


That’s all for a review of Pegasus Base 7 Folding Bicycle that doesn’t really need a review LOL. If you’re staying in Petaling Jaya or Bangsar, please drop by our shop for a test ride and click here for our shop address and location map. Or you can buy it here from our e-commerce website if you’re staying outside Selangor.


Thanks for reading and it’s time for some photos! And do email us at Main.My@outlook.com if you have any question, or give us some comment and suggestion.