Good day folks! Here is a short review of a hot new product in our shop! The Pegasus Pro 24!  Yes, there are a tons of other folding bicycles out there but what’s so great about this one? Hit the Read More button to find out more in details!




First, let’s start from the full specification of the Pegasus Pro 24

Aluminium Alloy Body with Rear Absorber

Front Derailleur : Shimano Altus 3X

Rear Derailleur : Shimano Altus 8X

Crank : Prowheel 3X

Shifter : Shimano Integrated Shift / Brake System

Brake : Mechanical Disc Brake with 160mm Brake Rotor

Tyre : Kenda 20″ x 1.5″

Fully loaded weight : 13.30 KG


The first impression is off the car, it’s 13.30 kilograms weight is easy to handle. Considering it’s having extra 3x chain wheel and an absorber compared to the basic 7 speed folding bicycle, the 700 grams extra weight is what we are happy to accept. Upon close inspection, we can see that all the main components like handler bar and seat post is also made of aluminium alloy. That is what we call a quality folding bicycle as we expect lesser weight and more importantly, NO RUST!


The ride is smooth as the gearing made it easy to put the power onto the pedals. As we were riding along Putra Jaya looking for places to shoot, we kept getting ourselves out of the saddle when dealing bumps and transitions between the road and the walk way. Until our friends at Pegasus reminded us that we have an absorber at the back, so we tried that out and found that it’s a real deal. It was good at absorbing bumps that we didn’t even get ourselves off the saddle unless we’re stopping. And the best part is, the absorber didn’t absorb enough pedaling power from the wheel for us to notice that it was there.


The only thing we didn’t really like is the lower speed gearing compared to other 7 speed bicycles. However, this could be actually useful in some situations when you just wanna ride in style and comfort while enjoying the scenery. Also, ability to roll while it’s folded means it’s easy for those who plan take a folding bike to wherever they’re going to (exclude mountains of course lol). Highly recommended for those who love traveling with folding bicycle.


Alright that’s all of our short review. If you’re interested in the Pegasus Pro 24 Folding Bicycle, you can get it here from our e-commerce site. Or you can drop by our shop and have a test ride before you decide to buy. And again, here’s how you can contact us or visit our shop.


Thanks for your time reading this. Please kindly drop us an email at if you have any question or suggestion for us! See you!